Controller is not getting loaded when reopen the app

I have this state

.state('app', {
    url : '/app',
    abstract : true,
    templateUrl: 'templates/leftmenu.html',
    controller: 'GlobalLeftMenuController'                
.state('app.home', {
    url: '/home',
    views: {
        'app': {
            templateUrl: 'templates/app-home/templates/home.html',
            controller: 'AppHomeController'                           
if(localStorage.userId === undefined || localStorage.userId === '') {
} else {
  console.log("on otherwise going home");

document.addEventListener("resume", function() {         
}, false);   

If i close the app by pressing middle button on Android and again comback resume event get fired and it trigger the homeCOntroller.

but when i close the app by pressing phone back button and again come back $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(’/home’); is executed but the controller is not triggered so i got a white screen.