Control slide to unlock

Hello friends, I come to share a small preview of a control that I am doing to share it with the community.
I found myself in need of a control that allows you to unlock or authorize something by sliding.

Without much more to say I share a small sample of how it looks


<ngx-slide-unlock lang="en" (status)="values($event)" theme="dark"></ngx-slide-unlock>
It is used in this way and allows input and output variables as you can see

The control adapts to the device in which it is being displayed

You will receive style parameters to resize it, as well as a custom style theme by means of an input variable, also the text shown in the control, which when scrolled to the end returns a Boolean in true state so that you can execute the action that your you require after it has been 100% stripped,
if it does not slip 100% it returns false and returns to the beginning

At the moment I am creating the style themes that can be applied to the control so that it adapts to the style of the color design of your app.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, it is totally welcome and take it to improve what they recommend.


Oh nice looking good, how can I add ngx-slide-unlock this component. Is there any npm command to install it or something else?

Of course, the command for npm already exists but I am still updating the control, soon I will be totally ready with the other options and methods that will allow

See controller page at npm

I have just published the most complementary version with custom styles and with two different languages, I hope it will be useful for everyone here at some point in the project.
See more at npm NGX-SLIDE-UNLOCK

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