Content not available VSCode

I’m using the IDE Visual Studio Code and in the tab “OUTPUT” always show me this message:

[Warn  - 10:12:41 PM] readFile /Users/ebosques/Documents/AppsIonic/IonicTuto/ionicTutorial/example1/MoneyMap/node_modules/@types/localforage/index.d.ts requested by TypeScript but content not available
[Warn  - 10:12:41 PM] readFile

I have gave permissions to all my project folder to read and write but still is showing this annoying message.

What could I do ?


I suggest you put VSCode in the title. You need to get the attention of someone familiar with it, and that isn’t me. Unless you’re using Storage without native storage installed, and I think it installs by default these days. But if you have an older copy of Ionic that might be the issue.

localforage has built-in typings. Remove any reference to @types/localforage in your project.

Thanks! @AaronSterling I had edited the title.
What do you refer about the Native Storage?
The ionic version that I have is 3.7

Hi @rapropos
Where or how I have to do that ?. Can you give an example please?
Do you mean this references?

import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';

You would really benefit from learning the basics of how NodeJS and npm work before programming in Ionic. I’d recommend you do that first. Your questions make it sound as though you’ve read no documentation at all.