Content is missing

So I have this event/conference app I created a few months back for my company. Everything was working great until I came back to it this week to make updates for our upcoming conference. I updated my services.js, which lives in our S3 server, and when I re-uploaded the file with changes, I get a white screen when I test the app. I thought I broke something inside services.js, but when I go back to the previous version of the file I am still getting a white screen with NO content in sight. What happened to my app??

Here is my GitHub repo.

Are you getting any errors inside your console?
iOS or Android? Mac or Windows?

None that I can see. Should I open up my project in XCode?

Or even run it in the browser

Now I’m getting errors! Odd I wasn’t getting them before…

I was missing a " in my JS file. Crisis averted :smile:

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