Content does not fit on the page

I’ve got a page in my application with three sections, which open and close by toggle button, the issue that no metter how much height i’m adding to my page, if all of this three sections is open, content does not fit, and i can’tand have no idea ho to fix it.s content, how can i fix it, pls help, i’m trying to solve this problems a few days, and have no idea ho to fix it.

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Be more explicit about what you mean by “fit on the page”

When i’m opening all sections, i have not enough height to see all this content, even if i will add 1000px height, i just can’t scroll down to see them all, this issue i’ve got on phone, on pc if i’m adding 650px of height, i can see all conetnt.

Do not set a specific height or if you really need to set a height, put the value to be auto. So the content can set the height itself.

The problem that when i’m open divs, height appears but not immediately, i need to scroll down one time, then wait few seconds and then scroll-down again, can i do somethink, that height appears immediately?

Does the text that will be displayed on the div comes from a call to a server ?

Later yes, but know it’s just a text, this is one of my sections:

<section ng-show="hide" class="hide-section">
  				<div class="details-section">
  					<span class="property-span">Property number one:</span>
  					<p class="property-p">First value</p>
  				<div class="details-section">
  					<span class="property-span">Property number two:</span>
  					<p class="property-p">Second value</p>
  				<div class="details-section">
  					<span class="property-span">Property number three:</span>
  					<p class="property-p">Third value</p>
  				<div class="details-section">
  					<span class="property-span">Property number four:</span>
  					<p class="property-p">Fourth value</p>