Content area width expands slightly during page transitions

For some reason during transitions between page navigation it seems like the content area width (header and footer bars are fine) becomes slightly (<100px) wider than the viewport. Once the transition is complete the page resizes back to the correct width. This is obviously really annoying to look at. I don’t see this on desktop but I’ve tried this on Android 4.0 (Galaxy Nexus) and 4.4 (HTC Butterfly S) devices and it always occurs.

I tested with a fresh blank app with just two states where one has a link to the other. The only code I used was


.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
  .state('a', {
    url: '/a',
    templateUrl: 'a.html'
  .state('b', {
    url: '/b',
    templateUrl: 'b.html'

index.html (body contents)



<ion-view title="test">
		<a href="#/b">test</a>


<ion-view title="">

No other changes to the blank app. I feel like it must some stupid mistake but I can’t figure it out.