Contacts plugin

Does anyone know if the contacts plugin is able to get the contacts on Samsung phones? Samsung phones normally have their own Contacts app, not the Google one, and i have some customers reporting that they can’t see any contacts retrieved.
Is there a way to fix this or some one can point me out on some direction to investigate further?

I use it and it works on Samsungs

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Which version are you using? The latest?


Do you use the contacts.find or contacts.pickContact method? I found out the second one works, the fist one doesn’t.
On the code below, it throws an error (but no error message) and then the pick will work fine.

this.contacts.find(['*'], options).finally(()=>{
    }).then((response:Contact[]) => {            
      this.contactList = response.sort((a, b)=>;
    }).catch((err) => {         
      this.log.error('Error:\n\r'+(typeof err=== 'object'?JSON.stringify(err):err), 'ContactsPlugin', 'Error loading contacts');
      this.contacts.pickContact().then((cnt:Contact) => {
      }).catch((err) => {
        this.log.error('Error:\n\r'+(typeof err=== 'object'?JSON.stringify(err):err), 'ContactsPlugin', 'Error picking contact');