Consultation on bugs in browser and device

It happens in the browser (Google Chrome) everything works fine me about my project, but on the device (either android or ios) some things fail, pass me that for some reason in a view inside the device fails with service that believes session but it works well that service, which deforms is the view like a bug that would exist at least within the browser or xcode me figure. Anyone know how I can detect errors that occur in the device? On the device I can not push the buttons while in the browser I can.


Have you try GapDebug?

hello, had not heard that, you can guide me on where I can find this info? @jimibi

have you tried debugging using safari? I will work on device as well as on the web.

GapDebug allows debugging of hybrid mobile apps, such as PhoneGap and Cordova, on modern iOS and Android devices, same as inspector for browser.
You can look here:

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@aaronksaunders Yes, I debug on safari and everything works fine, it is in the host device fails.

@jimibi Friend, thank you very much for your help, download GapDebug and found very fast error. Excellent tool.

Glad for you.

I use it for almost a year and I won a lot of time with it.

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Hey , you know something about push notifications?

You dont need gapDebug on your mac, Safari provides the same ability… that is what I was trying to explain when I responded earlier when I thought you were looking for a solution on you Mac

launch safari, make sure you have developer tools enabled and then look on the menu for you plugged in mobile device

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No, but I am trying to explore this but take a look at this post:

If your Android device runs KitKat or higher I would try Chrome Remote Debugging. I was able to track down lots of bugs this way.