Constant white screen on android

Can anyone explain me what is the problem with this? While i was working in chrome I had no errors but when i try to run app inside emulator or on real device I get constant white screen. When I inspect devices with developer tools in emulator I get these warningsCapture11 and on real device these Capture22 . I didn’t change anything in main.js or index.html .


Given the few information you give us, your best bet is simply to use a backup, aka:

  1. take your last copy from a directory like myproject/src/pages
  2. copy over this copy on this production directory
  3. try again ionic serve
  4. if you changed development environment, ionic new version (>3+) will tell you about what npm command to do.

Hope that helps,

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I created new project and copy/paste code and now it’s working.

Perfect, glad it helped you :slight_smile: