Consent Management Platform Integration

Hi, I’m curious if anyone has tried to integrate a consent management platform (CMP) into their Ionic App?

Our app is built with Ionic/Angular/Cordova and we’re currently working with Sourcepoint, but we have problems integrating their web-SDK.
Android/iOS SDKs are available too, but unfortunately no Cordova plugin…

Any advice would be appreciated much :slight_smile:


Hi ma77hi4s,

yes, I have tried it.
I was able to use the web integration, which seems to work well on Android, although I can’t fully judge that yet. In any case, the management of the consent settings worked.

The main problem, which I can’t solve at the moment: under iOS 14.x, no cookies are stored. Thus also the UserId, which Sourcepoint needs to identify the user, is not stored. And I don’t have a solution for this. So I’m just as desperate as you are. :unamused:

Hi Transi,

thx for your reply. Sadly, that doesn’t sound good… :confused:

Have you tried or thought of using the native SDKs? I’m not familiar with native android/ios development, but maybe I could find someone who can implement the cordova wrapper. It would still be good to know beforhand whether such an integration would work at all…