Connecting meteor server running on Google App Engine - Android device

Hi forum,

I have an issue with an app i am developing using Meteor. When i run the meteor on a local server i can connect the client in the browser (ionic serve) and on the the android device.However when i try to connect the client to Google App Engine i can only get the browser client (ionic serve) working. The android client is just not retrieving data and i am also not sure what the best way is to debug.

I am connecting the meteor client code by using in npm the follow script:
“meteor-client:bundle”: “meteor-client bundle -s api -c meteor-client.config.json --url https://…”

generating the client meteor code:
npm run meteor-client:bundle

and either use:
ionic serve (works okay)
ionic cordova run android (only works when i replace the Google App Engine url with an local running server)

Checking the Google App Engine log i see that the Android client is indeed connecting. However the UI does not get updated when i run on an actual Android device

If you need details please let me know. Thanks in advance for your advice, any hints or tips!