Conflits of emulator location

How can i inform capacitor to use my emulators custom location.

Here is my issue/situation,

when I run my app with any flag on ionic capacitor run I get a white screen, initially I thought it was my code but so far the troubleshooting has pointed me to a different issue.

If I run the same app from the android studio the app works fine, however, when i try to run the emulator from vs code I get a white screen.

So it seemed that when I try to access my app from vs code using ionic commands it defaults to the %USERPROFILE%/.android location whereas my emulator in avd points to a custom location that i have for android sdk

Is there a way to tell capacitor that my emulators are in a different locations?

answered here feat: Add support for emulators outside of .android folder · Issue #4846 · ionic-team/capacitor · GitHub