Confirm Crosswalk Webview


I am trying to build a metronome using HTML5 AudioContext which is part of Web Audio 2.0.
This is in Chromium M37.

I’ve installed Crosswalk with my app and deployed to device.
I am getting undefined on device when new’ing an AudioContext and it is not on window object as it should be. It would appear that the Webview is not M37 version.

The blog mentions “To confirm it was, in fact installed, open Chrome DevTools and confirm that it says “Chrome 37” or greater.”… I don’t see “Chrome 37” anywhere in CDT. Not sure if I am missing something. Where should this be? On the chrome/inspect page or within the dev tools window ( along with elements, scripts, console, etc)? I don’t see it on ispect page or with dev tools window.

Can I rely on the Crosswalk Webview having all of the functionality of Chromium M37 or is it just a subset?