Configuring Ionic to run from files on external drive?

I was wondering if anyone has had some success with developing their Ionic apps with files that are on a separate drive from their system files?

I have an older MacBook Air and the internal HDD is maxed out, so I am looking at separating my system files to the internal HDD and my working files to an external HDD.

Before I went down this path, I wanted to see if anyone else is working like this and if they experience any performance (or any other) issues with the set-up.

Thanks much!

Far and away the most important thing to worry about is not the physical location of the media, but the filesystems you use on it. This is probably less of a concern for Mac users, but I’ve seen tons of Windows people shoot their feet off trying to build Ionic apps on filesystems that don’t support symlinks.

I would strongly recommend enabling case sensitivity on your filesystems.

Yes its easily doable but consider a filesystem as rapropos mentioned and be weary of changing os’ on a whim I went from OSX to Linux and had to spend a day debugging mostly firebase related issues.Back on M1 now.

Also for your older Mac try to get the hang of Vite as vue cli is hard on resources.