Config.get does not work in --labs

Hi there all,

It seems that, when you start ionic in labs mode with --labs, you do not have the possibility to pass config options by extending the url with ?ionicsomesetting=1, which you would normally get in your app with config.get(‘somesetting’).

It works fine without labs mode, but not with. probably because the parameters are not passed to the individual iframes of the specific platforms you selected in labs.

I would really appreciate it if this could be fixed, as I can’t use labs now…and i really would like to :slight_smile:


Then you better report the bug here:

ok, will do. sorry for spamming the forum…

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Don’t worry, posting here is still fine - maybe you are mistaken and there is actually way to do this - I don’t know but maybe someone else does. But if you think that something should work differently than it does now, definitely report it as an issue.

Just wanted to let you know that my PR with a fix for this problem is merged already, so this problem should not be a problem anymore :slight_smile:

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(Do you have a link to the PR, just for reference?)

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