Concatenate 2 spinners/loaders without animation between

On my registration process I’ve got the option to register with or without uploading a profile avatar.

If I don’t want to upload any picture I display a spinner “Creating account…” till the user is created on the ddbb.

I do something similar for the avatar with another spinner using a progress bar. This is a component that I use on different places to upload images.

createAccount() {
    this.imageUploadProvider.uploadFile("Creating account").then(data => {
      console.log("image Uploaded!");
        res => {
          console.log('user created');
        err => {
          console.log("NOT ok call ended: ", err);

Both functions work with promises.

The problem

I have 2 different spinner and when the image is uploaded that spinner hides and the next one appears. How can I remove this transition/animation between them?

ok, closing it using this on next function:
this.loading.dismiss().catch(() => {});