Component 'CalendarComponent' is not included in a module + IONIC


Hello Experts

Angular 4
angular2-fullcalendar( latest)
Error Message
file: '…/node_modules/angular2-fullcalendar/src/calendar/calendar.ts’
severity: 'Error’
Error message: 'Component ‘CalendarComponent’ is not included in a module and will not be available inside a template. Consider adding it to a NgModule declaration’
at: '12,2’
source: ‘Angular’

How to solve that error

I would appreciate any help



I don’t know the real module names for fullcalendar, but in the doc it should be mentoined somewhere but this is what you basicly have todo.

You just have to add fullcalendar to your app.module.ts.

import { Fullcalendar } from ‘angular2-fullcalendar’;

You have to add it to your NgModule

declarations: [

Also to your entryComponents

entryComponents: [

Also i would be interested why you chose Fullcalendar instead of the Ionic Native Calendar. Does Fullcalendar give you more benefits over the Native Calendar ? :bird:


Thanks a lot.

If I am not wrong, FullCalendar has a lot of feature and very active github.