Complex JSON Object - Crashes Application


We are building an application, where-in we need to Synchronize data from Server at application startup. In this data we also have large number of images which needs to be Synchronized.

Whenever we try to load images in batches i.e. 16-18 images totalling to 1.5 MB of data - Application memory exceeds 200 MB and application crashes. We need to load minimum of 50 images before user can start using application. Is there better way to load large data in IONIC based application, without exceeding memory limits of Mobile Application.


Have you tested what’s causing this memory bump?

Have you tried cleaning memory after every image transfer?


It was wrong diagnosis that crash was caused by Images. It was caused due to loading a big JSON object of 7KB with deep hierarchy. Application does not crash even if load JSON object of 15 KB with alternate hierarchy, it crashes with lower level size JSON but with deeper hierarchy.


It’s good to know, what a ridiculous problem