Compile package after edit


I made some changes in the js files of a component in node_modules. However one running the app those changes are not seen, even though they are in dev mode. I believe the compiler is not using the changes made in the js files and I believe, I need to make the change in the ts files of the package. But how to do that?

Edit: To explain a little better, I am using the ionic-img-viewer component that I can install using npm. I would however like to make some edits in the code to serve my need in the app. I can do these edits in the compiled ‘js’ files and see those changes reflected in the app while running it with --dev flag. However, if I compile the app in prod mode, those changes are not seen. How do I make the changes in the ts files so that it compiles to changed code.


Editing things underneath node_modules is bad. It will cause you pain. npm will blast away your changes. Instead look into npm link.


@rapropos, Thank you very much for the reply. I tried to understand the npm link but , I can’t say I understood this well. Will look at it again. Appreciated.