Communication between two phones using bluetooth

Hello Guys

I am in the process of creating an app, in which the app should be able to detect any Bluetooth enabled android phones. I have gone through both Bluetooth Serial and BLE plugins.

Bluetooth Serial: It was written for communicating between Android or iOS and an Arduino.
BLE: This plugin enables communication between a phone and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals.

One thing I am confused is, can any of these plugins allow phone to phone communication using Bluetooth? By the looks of it Bluetooth Serial allows only communication between android or ios and Arduino. Where as BLE allows communication between phone and any BLE peripheral, not sure whether the other peripheral can be a another phone?

Please can anyone help me with requirement of communicating between two phones using Bluetooth?


I have the same question… if anyone can help?

Did either of you find an answer?

any one, found any solution. I am too stuck here