Combining Two Marketplace templates to one

I need help combining two templayes (ionFullApp) and (JSShop) Would like to include a “Shop” tab on the left side menu and have it (JSShop) open within the same app without the need to download anything extra.

Thank you for your time

Ok what are you having trouble with?

I want users to be able to use the capabilities, wtc of the JSShop app while using the ionFullApp by clicking on a tab on the left side menu. Instead of users having to download both apps individually. Basically can the code from one app be included inside the other and if so, how?

I greatly appreciate your help!

What you are trying to do is certainly possible. If I understand correctly, you want the tab navigation from ionFullApp and the content page from JSShop.

It should be pretty straight forward if you know how tabs and ui-router work. You can download the ionic tabs starter project to understand how it works.

From the terminal, run:
$ ionic start tabSample tabs

Next, open the project in your favorite text editor and study the following files:

  1. www/templates/tabs.html
  2. www/js/app.js
  3. www/templates/tab-dash.html

Once you understand how tab navigation works, you should be able to easily merge the templates.

Thank you so much. I will try it tonight. Wish me luck! :grin:

Did you figure it out?

Combining 2 different market place templates is not an easy task. You should create a new project and just combined the needed functionality from both into this new project. It will save you a lot of headaches down the line.