Colors different in browser and while testing on mobile, why is that?

I’m developing an app using the obvious Chrome browser and Samsung Galaxy III, and I finally figured why my app looks so ugly (yes design is not one of my greatest skills, but i’m not too bad at it either).

I’m designing a dark-themed app if that matters, but still the colors looks horribly darker/paler on mobile than it does on the browser, and i’m wondering why?!

Is anyone else experiencing these differences? I’m surprised to not finding much about it while searching the web… Thanks!

Maybe because your monitor has TN matrix and smartphone - IPS?

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Thanks for your response, I guess that’s the reason…

After going through some reading and comparisons, my 4 years old laptop screen is probably based on the TN matrix which provides more brightness and better contrasting, while the newer IPS is darker and has a difficulty emphasizing black (which was my second issue).

Thanks for bringing that issue to my attention!

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