Collection-repeat with Phonegap Build, images do not display


In my ionic app, I have a collection-repeat that displays images. But when I compile the app with Phonegap Build and run it on Android, the images do not display in the collection-repeat.

Can you help me find what’s wrong please?

And the paths are working with ngRepeat? i do not think so…
maybe this is a path-error of your images.

Keep in mind:
If you start your relative paths with “/” in the browser --> it works fine
But on iOS or Android “/” means the root-directory of your phone… not your app folder.

/images/image1.jpg --> works on browser

images/images1.jpg --> should work everywhere

Ok thanki didn’t know about the / in the path. I always start by ./images…

But I decided to abandon Phonegap Build altogether and go to the standard route of compiling locally with Cordova.