Collection-repeat with infinite scroll in an ion-slide

Hey guys,

does anyone tries to put an ion-scroll in an ion-slide.
And in the ion-scroll a collection-repeat (ionlist, ionitem) and the infinite-scroller?

I noticed that the infinite-scroller is moved to the collection-repeat-after container and the loading spinner is positionating wrong, so i can not see it.

Is there a known issue? can not find anything in the board or github

Thanks a lot

Hmm, do you have a demo of this so far?

Like every time, when i build a codepen it is working in the codepen :smile:

but in my live environment it looks like the “resize” to positionate the loading indicator fails.
The initial loading looks quite nice, but if i try to load items the second time, the position does not change -> always on top. The batman image is in the header

hi,I find collection-repeat splash-screen bug,help me ,thanks!

Issue still exists today with Ionic 1.3.2.

I have a div element “A”, containing my collection-repeat (as a directive of another div “B”).
After div “A”, I have another div (“AA”) which gets moved/inserted (automatically…) into “collection-repeat-after-container”

And here’s my “fix” proposal:

Yet I’m not exactly sure what is the purpose of this part of the code…