Collection-repeat with a fake first item

I’m build a app and I want to put the first item as a fake item, in the space of this item, will be a profile screen, just like a Instragram, when the user start scrolling, the collection-repeat’s items will override the profile.

This is similar to Spotify scroll on artists page, the artist avatar is static and the scroll override the avatar.


    <div class="profile-wrapper" ng-include="'templates/profile/profile-wrapper.html'"></div>

      collection-repeat="item in currentFeed"
      collection-item-height="(!!item.height)? item.height : getContentHeight(item, 'profile')">

      <div ng-include src="'templates/profile/action-item.html'"></div>



My problem, is that, ion-content use .profile-wrapper, I want .profile-wrapper to be just ignored by ion-content in someway.

Anyone can help me?

Any way you could put it in a codepen or something similar so I could mess around with the css?