Collection-repeat border issue

collection repeat div’s height is 69px…but i want dynamically height should get increases according to item available in it…n because of height issue border bottom if get disabled. and if i give height to internal div then there is no issue…
but div height remain same.

 <div collection-repeat="list in FinalMemberList| orderBy:'Name':false" class=" collection" item-height="70">
                    <div class="listContent item item-icon-right MarginBottom" style="height:69px">
                        <div ng-click="goToMemberDetails(list)" style="margin-top:-10px" class="listColor">
                            <i class="iconRight icon ion-chevron-right icon-accessory"></i>

                            <a style="cursor:pointer" ng-bind="list.Name"></a>
 <button ng-click="openModal(list);$event.stopPropagation()" ng-if="list.FloorBlockName != null" class="floorBlock">
                                {{list.FloorName}} <span style="position: relative;top: -1px;">&rarr;</span> {{list.FloorBlockName}}
                            <br />


thanx in advance :slight_smile: