Collection-repeat and WP

Hi guys,

I know Windows Phone / Internet Explorer is not supported by Ionic yet, but I wanted to ask for your help on this issue. I found that collection-repeat doesn’t work on IE due to a

    TypeError: Unable to get property '$index' of undefined or null reference
       at CollectionRepeatDataSource.prototype.attachItemAtIndex (
       at CollectionRepeatManager.prototype.renderItem (
       at CollectionRepeatManager.prototype[key] (
       at doRender (
       at CollectionRepeatManager.prototype.render (
       at CollectionRepeatManager.prototype[key] (
       at CollectionRepeatManager.prototype.resize (

You can easily reproduce it by opening the following link with IE: (with the Dev. Tools opened)

I’ve also confirmed that collection-repeat works with version 1.0.0-beta.6 (all tested on emulated WP8 / IE10).

Just in case, I’ve opened an issue on GitHub hoping that somebody can have a look and maybe provide a quick workaround. That would be great.

Thanks in advance.