Cloud IDE for Ionic Development

Has anyone been able to successfully use a cloud IDE for Ionic development? I’ve tried Cloud9, Codenvy, Codeanywhere, Sourcelair, Webstorm, etc. all unsuccessfully. I can easily create and preview my apps using desktop based IDE’s - I primarily use Visual Studio Code, for example. But when I try to do so using a cloud IDE, even if I create a simple blank app (npm start MyApp blank) after installing ionic and cordova, when I run “ionic serve”, the app seems to build successfully…and then crash. In addition, it seems that I need to reinstall ionic and cordova every time I return to working on the app (npm install -g ionic cordova), otherwise I receive an error, “bash: ionic: command not found”.

I can use my office desktop IDE, but I’d like to have the additional option of cloning my Bitbucket/GitHub repositories and working from my Google Chromebook Pixel when I’m on the road away from my office, if possible.

Hi, I use codeanywhere without any particular difficulty. I start my app with “ionic serve -b”, then I launch a browser - on my local computer of course - to

I’m getting Invalid host header, when running ionic serve with ionic4. Has anyone overcome this problem?

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