Closable tabs

I am building a desktop website using ionic 3 and angular.

My tabs are created dynamically and i need an option to be able to close (destroy) the tab. The question is how do i put a close icon in the tab header to call any action?

tabIcon does not seems to have a way to invoke a method etc. Please advise

If your app is only desktop, try Electron.

i already have written my website significantly using ionic so cannot go to electron now.

@vikceo electron is based upon web technologies at every step, so there is no better way to write a desktop app than Electron if you already have a website, to my knowledge (it fully uses any web tech and can be compiled for Linux, OSX, Windows).

i have definitely loved the idea of using electron but at this point for this project i cannot simply moveover. So, I am still looking for these simple issues in ionic itself.

@vikceo i understand, sometimes the company or the rules are big, too big to move yet.

nah not really. It just i have some upcoming demos with customers etc. So, I cannot move over within a week to a new framework. I have to keep it going and start that in parallel.

nice to tell me, thx i appreciate