clonedInput.placeholder is not copied correctly


Issue: When I change color for input placeholder, when I touch on element to scroll down/up, it losses whole style while touched and get it back again when touch is done.

here is some code to fix(CoffeeScript)

.run(($ionicPlatform) ->
    $ionicPlatform.ready ->

    # Fix ionic bug
    ionic.tap.cloneFocusedInput = (container, scrollIntance) ->

      if ionic.tap.hasCheckedClone
      ionic.tap.hasCheckedClone = true;

      ionic.requestAnimationFrame ->
        focusInput = container.querySelector(':focus');
        if ( ionic.tap.isTextInput(focusInput) ) 
          clonedInput = focusInput.parentElement.querySelector('.cloned-text-input');
          if !clonedInput
            clonedInput = document.createElement(focusInput.tagName);
            clonedInput.type = focusInput.type;
            clonedInput.placeholder = focusInput.placeholder; # BUG: Ionic forgets to clone this
            clonedInput.value = focusInput.value;
            clonedInput.className = 'cloned-text-input';
            clonedInput.readOnly = true;
            focusInput.parentElement.insertBefore(clonedInput, focusInput);
   = focusInput.offsetTop;

I’m pretty sure it is losing some more properties too.
Also, I was NOT able to figure out why on iOS my input caret is now blue -ScreenShot