Clone project doesn't work

Hi everyboby, when i clone from github a project i run npm install and when i serve i have this error:

TypeScript error: /project path/node_modules/ng2-translate/ng2-translate.d.ts(1,10): Error TS2305: Module ‘"/project path/node_modules/@angular/core/index"’ has no exported member ‘ModuleWithProviders’.

this is the file

import { ModuleWithProviders } from “@angular/core”;
import { Http } from “@angular/http”;
import { TranslatePipe } from “./src/translate.pipe”;
import { TranslateService, TranslateStaticLoader } from “./src/translate.service”;
export * from “./src/translate.pipe”;
export * from “./src/translate.service”;
export * from “./src/translate.parser”;
declare var _default: {
pipes: typeof TranslatePipe[];
providers: typeof TranslateService[];
export default _default;
export declare function translateLoaderFactory(http: Http): TranslateStaticLoader;
export declare class TranslateModule {
static forRoot(providedLoader?: any): ModuleWithProviders;

i try to delete modules, reinstall…nothing worked.
Any idea? Please.

Which project did you clone from Github exactly?

hi thank’s for reply, i fix the error, it was here: “ng2-translate”: “^2.2.2” i change to this
"ng2-translate": “2.2.2”