Clicking on edge of <ion-input fill="outline"> causes (click) event to fire twice

Hi there

We’re running:

Ionic Angular 7.6.2
Angular 16.2.12

We have (click) events on some ion-inputs to launch a modal like this:

<ion-input class="modal-input" readonly="true" label="Delivery date" labelPlacement="stacked" fill="outline" (click)="presentDateTimePickerModal()"></ion-input>

We’ve recently switched to the fill="outline" style.

We’ve found a strange behaviour. If you click on the edge of the ion-input, where the new fill outline border shows, it launches the (click) event twice! Clicking in the middle of the ion-input fires once as expected.

See here on click area:

Is this a known bug? Any way to resolve and keep using the ion-input fill=outline?