Clicking on a embedded video link, crashes app



So I am building an app that embeds videos from vimeo.
These videos are our own created business related videos.

Now when I click on any of the links on the video,
i.e the play on vimeo site or Share or any button that ends in opening a URL in a inapp browser.
It opens the link fine, but when I exit from the browser by pressing back button.
My App crashes throwing errors like some functions are not defined, or some google analytics functions are not defined. And the app has only white screen after that. I need to re-launch the app again.

Now unfortunately since these are the links on vimeo player, I do not have much say as to where I can open this link, using in app browser or external browser.

Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

Below are the links to screenshots:

  1. The video page:
  2. The In App Browser: