Clicking ionicActionSheet clicks button/tab behind it - iOS

I’m facing an issue in a very specific scenario. When I click on a specific actionSheet, it fires a click in elements underneath it.

I found this bug reported to Ionic Team, but it had been already fixed.
In my case it only happens the very first time which a specific actionSheet is called. The ONLY way we found to reproduce that is reinstalling the app or rebooting the iPhone, and it only happens the first time after reboot/reinstall.

Anyone could suggest something that I could do? It is a so weird behavior that I’m completely lost how I could investigate that.

Thanks in advance,
Rafael Amorim

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I am having a very similar issue as well, have you found any solutions yet? Also are you using Ionic 1 or 2?

I have the same bug. When I click on ionicActionSheet button, it also clicks element behind action sheet. Have you find some solution of the problem?

Unfortunately we haven’t found a solution for that. Since it happens in a very specific case, we are considering it, for now at least, as a known issue.

If you guys find something, let us know.