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It seems as if $setPristine is not supported in ionic-angular. Am I missing something? If it’s not supported is there an alternative method for clearing forms?

Can you post a CodePen sample of that not working? It’s hard to say without seeing it.

Hey there,
I’m discovering the same issue as choiway…
Here’s my codepen

There is no error since I’m using $parent.contactForm for my formname, but the form will not get cleared after submitting it… don’t know what to do anymore oO! I also tried setting all inputs of the form to $prestine = true, still no better result.

Thanks for your help!

Hello, I’m seeing the same thing as @choiway and @novas1r1. I’ve set up a codepen:

This will error when trying to call .setPristine() as you might traditionally in angular - $scope.formname.$setPristine().

As a workaround you can explicitly pass the form as a parameter through to the controller you can call $setPristine() on it. This perhaps isn’t ideal.

It’s to do with scopes - the form is inside the ion-content directive which will create it’s own scope (I believe?!). So I guess you could find the form by navigating child scopes (depending on how you’ve defined your page and controller). Or you can put the ng-controller attribute directly on the form element then you’ll be able to call setPristine on the scope from within your controller - like this:

Has this been resolved? I am trying to set a form to pristine and $scope.formName.$setPristine is not working.



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$setPristine does not work with Ionic. I am submitting a form, but if the user comes back to the form, it is not resetting the pristine state.

How can we set a form back to $pristine?


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Any help with this? What version of Angular does Ionic 1.2.1 use? I think $setPristine was not available until Angular 1.1.x.