Clarification over the 'onDidDismiss' naming

After checking the beta.11 release notes, I couldn’t help to feel that onDidDismiss feels like a horrible name for an API. Personally it feels like it does not follow any naming convention set by HTML, so I’m wondering the story about the naming.

What was wrong before with onDismiss? While designing an API you can basically choose to represent 2 paths, either triggering events before they happen and allow preventing them, or after they happen and provide a separate event before things occur. Since onDismiss was triggered the dismissal occurred, something like onBeforeDismiss would clearly indicate that a dismiss is planned and this is the time to stop it. The “Did” in the name seems redundant to me.


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I have know real idea why the name change, but from how I understood it onDismiss was triggered after the dismissal event. I think what they are trying to say with onDidDismiss is did a dismissal happen? If yes do this.