Clarification on response to issue regarding ionic toolbar bug

I created an issue regarding different behaviour of the toolbar component with md and ios mode. bug: ionic-toolbar behaves different on iOS and Android · Issue #23174 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub But I was told this is not an ionic issue, can somebody fill me in on why that is? Are the styling pulled from an external dependency or something? Because to me this clearly seems like a bug. Firstly the bahaviour is different on each of the modes and also block style elements are displayed inline and not stacked.

Have you seen the Code that Liam has added about how the recommend way of doong this is? Via the slot attribute

Yes, that could almost work, except it would do the opposite of what I wanted. It would make both appear inline. I want them stacked, like the material design version is in my screenshot. :slight_smile:

Then you should use 2 Ion Toolbars

Well, it’s fine if ion-toolbar does not support multiple rows, but then they surely shouldn’t behave differently? Or is this somehow UB?

I think they are not supposed multi-row so the behavior is correct. Also when you want to have the “next to each other” you can use the slot attribute, so you can do both without the Toolbar to adjust