Chunk files loaded after XHR request

Hi All,

Ionic - 4.1.0
Angular - 7.2.2

  1. While navigating (First time) it is taking long time to navigate
    a. On clicking any link for navigation, the URL is changed immediately.
    b. But, the new screen is not loaded, the old screen is only visible
    c. Once request are executed in New screen, then the New screen is loaded
    d. In New screen HTML no condition is checked to show page ( Ex: *ngIf=‘something’)

On deep analysis found, the XHR request is executed and then the chunk files are loaded.
I have preloaded all modules, used lazy loading, then also facing the same issue. Because of this there is a huge unresponsiveness.

This is leading to huge unresposiveness

On Navigation, tried to show ion loading controller, since many request are executed, unable to hide the loader controller.

Note: I have used angular/PWA

Please find the image


Thanks All…