Choose the .apk to run


I’ve installed the crosswalk plugin and built my app with cordova build --release.
This generated 2 apk files: android-armv7-release-unsigned.apk and android-x86-release-unsigned.apk. Now I would like to run my app on my device using one of these apk’s, but when I run ionic run android --device, it builds 2 more apks and uses android-armv7-debug.apk to run the app.
How can I choose the apk that my app needs to use ?


You an just run ionic run android --prod --device and it will choose the right apk for you.

I’m getting all sorts of errors when running with the --prod flag

And the list goes on.

npm uninstall @types/core-js

Core.js has been known to cause a lot of issues and is not needed.

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The app runs fine now but still uses android-armv7-debug.apk. I thought in the end maybe it is normal to use that apk, but it is said on the Crosswalk website that you can verify that the app is running on Crosswalk:

I don’t see navigator.userAgent in my console so I guess it’s not running on Crosswalk ?
Thank you