Child ion-views with ion-side-menus hide back buttons and ignore parent ion-nav-view animation settings .. and my workaround is wonky and causes a ion-side-menu content flash

If we can answer this first question, it might resolve the issue I’m having. Basically, if a parent ion-view has a ion-nav-view and ion-nav-back-button defined, child ion-views will show that back button and navigation through state changes works fine … unless that child ion-view contains a ion-side-menus directive. Out-of-the-box, the back button disappears:

Why? I found a workaround but it’s not good enough, and causes the issue described in the subject of this forum post.

Here’s a codepen example of my workaround… note: I only see the ion-side-menu content flash on emulators and actual devices (Android 4.4)… so the codepen doesn’t help display the symptom.

Some notes…

The ion-nav-back-button refuses to show without <ion-nav-bar></ion-nav-bar> defined as a direct child the parent <ion-view>. It’s all described in this stackoverflow post:

So, the fact that there must be two <ion-nav-bar>'s defined in the same view is confusing and I’m guessing could be causing the ion-side-menu content flashing.

Can someone show me an example of a <ion-side-menus> inside a child <ion-view> with a <ion-nav-back-button> that brings us back to the parent <ion-view>? The <ion-side-menus> must have a working menu-toggle <button>. I can’t seem to get this combination of things working. It generally seems like ion-side-menus is it’s own animal and doesn’t play nice with the state controller / navigation history …?

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my goodness, me neither!
did you find a solution for this @squeakysquabble?