Checkusm error with ionic platform add ios

I’m getting the following error:

npm http GET
npm http 200
Unable to fetch platform ios: Error: shasum check failed for /var/folders/9h/51gq5y092dj65kht929ykfx40000gn/T/npm-411-2-tYC6jt/1410479886531-0.253101525362581/tmp.tgz
Expected: ae3d0a39e25f21c897812029c3fbc7f816d592a7
Actual: ffed0885409aed998b6d351fcae46518ad279a02

I’m using ionic 1.2.5-beta1

With “ionic platform add android” I’m getting the same error
I’m using ionic 1.2.5-beta2

I got the same error but after reinstalling Cordova it was fixed.

npm cordova -g

I updated cordova, but the error already occurs.
I use Windows 8.1

Today I have reinstalled cordova (3.6.3-0.2.13) and ionic (1.2.6-beta2), and now it works fine. Very well… :wink: