Checkbox tap on ion-select vs ion-checkbox - v4

Has anyone noticed that there is a difference in the response when tapping on a checkbox in an ion-select as opposed to a regular checkbox? It seems like in an ion-select it’s much harder to check/uncheck than in a ion-checkbox. In the select checkbox you have to “long tap”, meaning hold your finger down on the checkbox for a second whereas on a regular ion-checkbox all you have to do is tap for a millisecond. I have quite a few users complaining about this as I have a form with 7 such select lists and it gets pretty annoying to fill out

Any idea how to change this?

I added FastClick just to see if it’ll help and it did! Clicking on checkbox responds instantaneously but now the menu button only works with dragging and who knows what other bugs this introduced. This does prove that there is a delay put in ionic code for this

I removed it based on this comment from their docs “Note: As of late 2015 most mobile browsers - notably Chrome and Safari - no longer have a 300ms touch delay, so fastclick offers no benefit on newer browsers, and risks introducing bugs into your application. Consider carefully whether you really need to use it.

Is there a tap-delay variable or anything like that that I could overwrite?

Anyone? I know this sounds like a trivial issue but I’m getting lots of complaints about this.

Why was a tap delay put in place for ion-select?? and how do I disable it? This is not consistent with the rest of the app

This is happening on checkbox in alerts as well. Seems like there’s some sort of delay put in place in the alert inputs. I wouldn’t say it’s a delay since sometimes it completely ignores users tap action. It’s very frustrating to users…

I tried using hammer js but that didn’t work either. The next thing I will try is using modal with a checkbox

Modal with checkboxes worked. I created a custom select component that created a checbox list using modalcontroller. Still not sure why the delay was put in to alerts but this solution works for me…