Chat tutorial using beta3 (epic)


I have got it installed and working. Can u get me any idea about how can I integrate with my server and get messages from second user in real time?

Right now, its just the UI and interaction, nothing integrated with back-end though.


This post is about the UI/UX and implementation of chat messaging with ionic. Server side work is beyond the scope here.

With that being said, a step in that direction might be to look at nodeJS with Socket.IO for realtime messaging. This is what we used at that time and it was ridiculously simple to implement.


Don’t want to step on toes or anything. But I gave a presentation about building a chat app with ionic using firebase. It was based off beta13 so fairly up to date. Here’s the slides if anyone is interested. It’s a bit rough but it covers quite a lot of the framework and basic interactions with Firebase.


Sorry to ask such a silly question but : what font are you using on your title?

Thanks for the great work


If i remember correctly it was Montserrat. Or maybe PT Sans. Not sure.



When you open the chat conversation, it doesn’t auto scrolls down to the bottom. Does anyone know how do I ensure it starts from the bottom instead of beginning the page from the top?