ChartJs disappear when Changing Tabs

Hi Ionic , I am writing an application With Ionic Framework. I used
Ionic Tabs template and I wanted to add a Chart using ChartJs. I use an
Android device.

The Chart is working pretty good once the view appears, even when navigating through tabs without writing in input. But When:

  1. I am in Tab1.
  2. I try to change Tab to Tab2 that contains Input text.
  3. then when the keyboard is appearing, i write or not.
  4. I dismiss the keyboard (That’s what cause the problem)
  5. I go back to the Tab1
  6. The Chart is disappearing and not reappearing until closing the application.

if i don’t dismiss the keyboard the chart will appear
I am not using any extra code for handling the chart
Help Please!

I am facing the same problem if you got the answer please reply.

Please make different controllers for both tabs and add loading icon until the chart completely render and also allow cache:true in $sateProvider for both tab views.Its work for me.