Character issue in different devices. How can i fix it?

Hi İonic folk,
I encode my project, I’m finished.
I make the following test. While testing, I used two devices.

  1. HTC One X
  2. Asus zenfo 5 laser
    screen images is as follows.
    but displays the content looks bad. (Device to Zenfone)

HTC device from the following picture

Asus device from the following picture

I’m pulling for the content of JSON**.html**
The html coding as I did in the image below.

Why do I get different errors in different devices. Have a solution to this? I want this image to be the same on all devices.

Thank you for your answers.

How do you load your JSON file?
Is it packaged in your app or from a server?
Can you show some code?

Thanks for replay gmarziou,

What do you want me to write my code?
app.js or json.html source url ?

I try to understand whether you load your JSON file from a URL using a link, using $http or as a state template, locally or remotely.
If you load it from a remote server then you must look to the HTTP response headers.

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Just a small question, do you put the charset metatag inside the head tag? <meta charset="utf-8"> I’dont know if it helps, just take a look and try too.

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