Changing Dynamically SideMenus

Hey guys!
I need some help with sidemenus; I’m really awful with AngularJS, but I’ve been able to work quite well with it. Anyway, now I really got stuck with this issue.
I have a principal screen and a sidemenu in the program, and I’ve put both of them under a controller “MainCtrl”, for example. In this controller, I’ve declared a variable that determines where I am in the program, and this variable name is the principal way with which I can actually map the principal screen. It is declared as a property of $scope, by the way. The problem is that, although I can easily manage to work with the principal screen, I can’t actually change this $, even that it is under the same controller, in the sidemenu.
What’s happenning?
How should I fix this?
Thanks a lot!

Two words 'Prototypal Inheritance'. From what I gather from your “not so great problem statement” this might be a problem of scope hierarchy. Try using $ or $

Also you can put up a codepen for a closer look at the problem.

Man, it worked!
Thank you so much!

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