Change the order of ion-col

hi everyone,
i have a little problem i had a game where i show the levels like this
1 2 3
4 5 6
but the game is in arabic so i need to show the order like this
3 2 1
6 5 4

this is my code

    <ion-grid no-padding *ngIf="arrData != 0">
          <ion-col col-4  *ngFor="let item of levelNumber; let j=index"> <!-- JUST ADD A col-4 attribute -->
              <div class="container">
                <img width="80" height="80"(click)="lession(j)" class="img" src="assets/imgs/{{imagesName[j]}}.png"/> 
                <div class="centered" (click)="lession(j)">{{item}}</div>

this is the run

may be it helps :

RTL Support - Ionic

yes i tried it and its work ^^ thank u sooooo much

i add in the

      <ion-row dir="rtl">