Change stack without triggering ionViewWillLeave events

I have several pages in the stack with actions bound to the page’s ionViewWillLeave event. I want to change the stack without triggering those page’s ionViewWillLeave event. Is it possible to do this?

A clear example of what I’m trying to do: I have pages [A, B, C] in the current page stack (with the current page being C). There is an action that is bound to the ionViewWillLeave event of page B. I want to change the current page stack to [A] without triggering B’s ionViewWillLeave event.

I’ve tried navCtrl.remove() and navCtrl.setRoot() and navCtrl.setPages() with varying success. Sometimes the ionViewWillLeave events are triggered but sometimes they are not – the behaviour appears to be inconsistent.

Any ideas?