Change splash screen without reinstall app

I have a question for splash screen. Basically I am trying to change my splash screen without reinstall the whole application.

Usually with ngCordova, I can set splash screen image in ‘config.xml’.
<preference name="SplashScreen" value="images/browser/splashscreen.jpg" />

But, I cannot change ‘config.xml’ without reinstalling the whole application. Is there a way to do it in angularjs, to download a new image from Internet, store it locally, and change splashscreen url in the ‘value’ attribute above?

What I want to do ultimately, is let my users to see different splash screen every time he opens my application. Is that something doable?

Thanks a lot

The splash screen is cached. you can turn that off.

Quick Work Around:
go to /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ionic/node_modules/ionic-app-lib/lib/resources.js and set cacheImages: false

Also be sure that your splash resource file .psd, .ai etc is not more than 20MB.

Thanks for your replay.

What I meant is I don’t know how to change splash screen in javascript. Even if I turn off cache, I still have the same splashscreen every time I login, is there a way to change that without reinstall the whole app?