Change or Eliminate Confirm/Cancel image window that appears after you take photo with Camera API v4

Hi, im using Camera Api v4 from the tutorial Your First Ionic App: Angular.

How can I modify this window?

If not, how can I skip this accept or cancel image window ? Maybe implementing something at

  providedIn: 'root'
export class PhotoService {
  public photos: UserPhoto[] = [];

  constructor() { }

  public async addNewToGallery() {
    // Take a photo
    const capturedPhoto = await Camera.getPhoto({
      quality: 90,
      allowEditing: true,
      resultType: CameraResultType.Uri
      filepath: "soon...",
      webviewPath: capturedPhoto.webPath!
export interface UserPhoto {
  filepath: string;
  webviewPath: string;

If that can’t be done, there are alternatives to customize the camera? I tried @capacitor-community/camera-preview in v4 (I watched boss Simon Grimm video to customize camera, (was older version and didn’t work)), at v4 It doesn’t work, at;

where here const { CameraPreview } = Plugins; CameraPreview.start({ parent: "cameraPreview"}); i have an error,

Cannot find name ‘Plugins’.

I don’t know where I need to call it from. (And Plugins deprecated¿? on v4)

Well you can see im kinda lost, all help will be appreciate. Thank you so much.